Designation Key:  (Designations are a function of governmental entities)

  • NR : Listed in the National Register of Historic Places, National Park Service
  • RTHL : Recorded Texas Historic Landmark, State of Texas
  • SAL : State Archaeological Landmark, State of Texas
  • DD : Demolition Delay for up to 180 days
  • H&C : Historic & Cultural Landmark, City of Fort Worth
  • HSE : Highly Significant & Endangered, City of Fort Worth
  • Yellow : Yellow indicates that the resource was saved or designated.
  • Blue : Blue indicates a deal is in the works that HFW believes has potential.
  • Red : Red indicates that the property was demolished.
  • Green : For repetitive listings
  • ** The owner asked for and received advice from HFW

2015 Endangered Places

  • , 1180 Everman Parkway, 1917
  • Top O’Hill Terrace, 3001 W. Division Street, Arlington, TX, 1930s
  • Meissner-BrowBarron Fieldn Funeral Home, 2717 Avenue B, 1937
  • Cowboys & Culture; Fort Worth is known as the city of cowboys and culture and two of the major areas that define these identities—the Fort Worth Stockyards and the Cultural District—are undergoing unprecedented change.
      • Fort Worth Stockyards, 2nd, various streets north, south, east, and west of the intersection of North Main Street and Exchange Avenue; c.1910 and forward
      • Cultural District; bounded by Montgomery St. on the west, 7th Street on the north, University Drive on the east, and I-30 on the south; c.1936 and forward