Historic Fort Worth, Inc. is dedicated to preserving Fort Worth’s unique historic identity through stewardship, education, and leadership. You can help give Fort Worth’s heritage a future by becoming a member, completing our volunteer form, or donating to support our work.

Preservation isn’t just about protecting historic mansions from the wrecking ball. And one needn’t be an architect or developer to be a preservationist. The built environment is what makes a city like Fort Worth livable. It’s a tangible legacy passed on from previous generations, and we all have a responsibility to protect the fabric of our city so it can be passed on to our children and grandchildren.

Everyone who takes that legacy seriously is a preservationist in their own way. Every cowboy in the Stockyards, every start-up business owner on Magnolia Avenue, every visitor to Sundance Square, and every homeowner restoring their craftsman bungalow’s wood trim is quietly making the case for the inherent value of historic preservation. It’s about protecting Fort Worth’s sense of place–the very stuff that makes this city worth living in and protecting.

The board of Historic Fort Worth, Inc. applauds the following businesses for their leadership participation in The Business Connection.