What is Historic Fort Worth doing make this game as safe as possible from COVID-19?

At this time, we will be limiting the number of players to 10.  We have determined how we can play the game and have fun while still maintaining our social distance.  HFW will not only be disinfecting door knobs and other frequently touched items, but we will be cleaning the game pieces between each group that plays the game.  We have multiple decks of cards that we will clean and rotate so the same deck is not used for at least 6 days. (Our decks are made from a heavyweight card stock that would be considered somewhere between cardboard and paper. While research is ongoing, current studies show that the COVID-19 virus will survive only 24 hours on cardboard, but can survive up to 4 days on some paper. )  Our staff will be wearing face masks and we will also require our guests to wear masks.

How many people can play?

We suggest a minimum of four, up to ten, individual players.  However, players could pair up to create teams of two, which would allow up to 20 people to participate.  During this time we are limiting the number of players to 10.

Can children play?

This game is better suited for older “kids” (16 and up), however children 8 – 15 years old may play if accompanied by an adult.

How long do we have in the house?

Each group is scheduled for two hours for the basic fee.  Your two hours includes brief game instructions, playing the game and any socializing your group does inside the house. Make sure everyone is on time! If you’d like to play in a more relaxed way and have a more social atmosphere, there is also an option to book an extra hour or two.  This is best-determined ahead of time so staff time can be scheduled, but may be an option that night as well, depending on the staff member’s schedule.

How long does it take to play the game?  

That depends on how many people play and whether you’re playing intently or in a relaxed fashion.  On average, about an hour and a half.  However, if there is no winner when there are only fifteen minutes remaining, the Sheriff will declare a move to “Sudden Death.”  This is just a faster version of the game — see the rules for more details.

Can we bring in our own food and beverages?  May we bring “adult beverages?”

Yes.  However, any setup or cleanup time required is included in your two hour time frame. We’ve got a large kitchen refrigerator which you are welcome to use. 

Do food and beverages need to stay in the kitchen?

No – your group will have the run of the first floor, so you can have your plate and cup with you while you play. And the billiard table (guess where it is!) has a Plexiglas cover, making it an excellent serving table. There will also be a few cocktail-style tables set up for your use. Please just be mindful not to set your plate or cup directly on the furniture.

Is Thistle Hill handicap-accessible?

Yes, there is a ramp up to the front door, and one of the two first-floor restrooms is ADA compliant.

Where can we park?

Historic Fort Worth, Inc., the owner of Thistle Hill, has a parking lot just west of the property that is accessed via Pruitt Street, off 8th Avenue. While Thistle Hill’s address and front entrance are on Pennsylvania Avenue, there is no parking at the front.  After parking, enter the property through the back gate on Pruitt Street.  We are currently dealing with construction on both 8th Avenue and Pennsylvania.  For now, our parking lot is accessed by turning south on 7th Avenue off of Pennsylvania, then turning right onto Pruitt at the sign that says, “no through traffic.”  Parking is in the designated lot adjacent to Thistle Hill.

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