The Murder at Thistle Hill

Here’s your chance to have a lot of fun and learn a little about the history of this beautiful, turn-of-the-century Cattle Baron mansion!  If you have ever played the game “Clue”, you’ll recognize the basics of this fast-paced and fun game of deduction.

Long ago, the mayor of Quality Hill was murdered while attending a dinner party at Thistle Hill. The homeowners, Mr. and Mrs. Scott, were hosting the previous owners of Thistle Hill, the Whartons and Waggoners, when the murder occurred.  Unfortunately, no one saw what happened.  The sheriff arrived on scene and has just about figured things out.But can YOU?

Use your deductive reasoning powers to figure out who killed the mayor, where they did it, and how they did it. Colonel Mustard wasn’t there, and he didn’t have a wrench, but there were plenty of dinner guests and servants around who could have done it with anything from a revolver to a croquet mallet. And to evoke a little nostalgia, you’ll find that, like the original Clue mansion, the murder could have been committed in Thistle Hill’s Conservatory, Library, Billiard Room or Dining Room, with some of the same weapons used in the original game, along with a few unique to this game.

Come try out your sleuthing skills, have fun and maybe even do a little bonding as you solve The Murder at Thistle Hill.  Book your group now – click on the “Make a Reservation” link below.


*Just to be clear, there is not, nor has there ever been, a mayor of Quality Hill and this never happened!
Historic Fort Worth, Inc. is not affiliated with Clue, a registered trademark of Hasbro Ltd.

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