Hornsby House – Commerce

This two-story frame house features Prairiesque deep boxed eaves and walls clad in narrow-milled wood siding. A distinctive feature of the house is a one-story porch which wraps around the front and south sides, supported by thick columns on bases of rusticated concrete block. Many windows have been replaced, but the house appears for the … Read more

Two Industrial Buildings – Commerce

The black neighborhood east of N. Main Street and south of the railroad tracks was encroached by a number of industrial and manufacturing firms during the 1920s and early 1930s. The first identified owner of 1100 N. Commerce Street was Fort Worth Tank and Culvert Co. in 1932; records are unclear regarding tbe industrial structure … Read more

Panama House – Commerce

This two-story, wood frame boarding house was first operated in 1905 as Panama House by Mrs. Amanda Richardson, proprietress. The building has experienced a frequent turnover of managers and owners throughout its history. The large, hip-roofed, rectangular block exhibits a gabled dormer over a two-story gallery.

Two Houses – Commerce

Sharing the same lot, each of this pair of shotgun houses features a recessed corner entry porch under a shingled gable end. Both frame structures were erected about 1906. Robert L. McKinney, a driver for B. C. Reich Co., occupied number Ull in 1907, while Mrs. Julia Brarnlett, a bookkeeper for B. M. Frazeur, was … Read more

House – Commerce

This simple, Corker’s house of shotgun plan features a full, shed-roofed porch projecting from its gable front. Andrew J, Lane, a worker with Southwestern Mechanical Co., was the first recorded tenant in 1907.

North Fort Worth Public School/ Merida G. Ellis School – 14th

Built on the site of an earlier one-room schoolhouse, Merida G. Ellis School served the rapidly expanding population of Fort Worth’s North Side in the early twentieth century. Originally called the North Fort Worth Public School, it was renamed for Ellis, a large North Side property owner, when it became an elementary school. In 1968 … Read more

House – 15th

Probably built in 1913, this house served as a rental residence for North Side workers-Mrs. Eugenia Thompson was the first known tenant in 1916. A. Bart Mynatt, a railroad clerk, resided here in 1918; his family owned the property until 1945. This wood-frame house is clad in narrow-milled wood siding with bands of decorative shingling. … Read more

Smith House – Fifteenth

This traditional form is jn plan a square topped by a pyramidal roof. A full porch under the main hip of the roof shades the front of the house. Built in 1910, the first tenant was Harry Welsh, a clerk with the Fort Worth Belt Railway. V. B. Smith acquired the property in 1919; he … Read more

Clark House – 15th

L.B. “Alonzo” and Pink Clark purchased this parcel in 1913, and resided in then- house here by the following year. Alonzo Clark was co-owner of Hickman and Clark drugstore. The one-story bungalow has a generally rectangular plan under a cross gabled roof. A recessed, full front porch is supported by brick piers; walls are constructed … Read more

Carter’s Grocery and Market – 20th

This small store is an example of the continuation of a traditional form, clad in wide-channel rustic siding. Forming a false front, a stepped and peaked parapet hides the gable roof behind. On property owned by the Hallmark family since 1904, the store is first identified in 1946 as Carter’s Grocery and Market. A number … Read more