Graves House – Avenue G

This one-story house is a particularly well-preserved example of a wood frame Period Revival house, a style most typically rendered in brick. The house has a main side gable intersected by a front cross gable; adjacent to the front gable is a pointed arch, gothic portico. The house was built in 1938 by Clyde W. … Read more

1825-27 Etta ST – Etta

These two simple duplex houses have full front gables with no roof eaves. A gabled entry occupies each of the front corners of the buildings. They are an interesting example of well-built low-cost housing from the period around World War II. Tax records indicate that the buildings were 30 years old in 1981; the owner … Read more

2217 Dillard ST – Dillard

A one-story rectangular plan house composed of two intersecting gables, this structure has a half porch supported by lathed posts. The front gable has decorative shingles. References to this building do not appear in public records until the 1950s, but given its form and ornamental details it probably dates from about 1905. The building may … Read more

5183 Charlene ST – Charlene

This one-story, L-plan house has a gable roof and a shed-roofed porch supported by Tuscan columns. Given its form and classical details, this small folk house probably dates from about 1910. The house was moved to this area in 1950.

Village Creek School – Carey at Wilbarger

The Tarrant County Board of Education purchased this site in 1939, and probably built this school the next year to serve the local community. This one-story red brick building has a steeply pitched hipped roof with gables at the peak. The symmetrical facade has two entrance porticos with tall brick parapets.

5403 Anderson ST – Anderson

This small, rectangular shotgun plan house with a gable roof has exposed rafters under the eaves and a full porch recessed under the front gable. Probably constructed about 1930, this is a late example of a regional house type. According to tax records, the house was moved to this location in 1953 by Minnie M. … Read more

2106 Amanda ST – Amanda

The history of this structure is unclear. Given its form and ornamental details, it is likely that the building was constructed about 1907 as a residence. According to local sources it was moved to this location during the late 1960s or early 1970s. Oscar Teal purchased the house in 1975 and converted it for use … Read more

Anderson House – Avenue J

The present owner’s grandfather, Steven Anderson, built this house in 1944. Anderson was a self-educated rock mason, carpenter and contractor, who built his own house in addition to others in the area. Anderson also worked as a foreman on several local Works Progress Administration projects during the 1930s. This is a small wood frame house … Read more

Jacks House – Avenue H

A large wood frame bungalow clad in false bevel drop siding, this house has a low pitched gable roof with heavy triangular brackets and an intersecting rear gable. A smaller gabled portico supported by brick piers is superimposed on the main front gable. This area was developed by the College Heights Land Co. in 1914. … Read more