Fees include two hours in Thistle Hill, plus everything necessary to play the game and game administration, and the use of kitchen facilities.

Up to ten people may play individually. However, players could pair up to create teams of two, which would allow 20 people to participate.


$30/person for the first ten players, with $150 minimum.

$25 /person for the eleventh to twentieth players.

$50/ hour for up to two additional hours when arranged in advance.  If arranged the night of play, $75/hour.

The Fine Print:
*  Minimum payment is due at time of scheduling
*  You may reschedule your game once without penalty up to 24 hours prior to your scheduled event.  A $25 fee will be assessed for rescheduling fewer than 24 hours in advance.
*  Cancellations received fewer than 24 hours in advance – no refund.
*  Should inclement weather threaten the safety of those attending or working, HFW will delay or terminate the game until weather conditions are safe.  The booking agent will work with the individual or entity to reschedule the game on the next available mutually-agreeable date with no penalty.


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