Bridgeman-Hesterly Apartments – Lipscomb

This two-story four-unit brick apartment building has a rectangular plan with hipped roof and full hipped-roofed two-story portico. The massive brick piers of the portico, corbelled at the second floor and roof levels, are remarkable. Built c. 1913, the building was known as the Bridgeman Apartments in the 1920s and as the Hesterly Apartments in the 1930s. It may be eligible for the National Register as an early example of an apartment structure in Fort Worth, following restoration and more complete documentation.
Since it was originally documented, the building has been repainted, the second story balustrade altered and the attic dormers removed. The alterations to the balustrade and removal of the dormers likely make the building ineligible for listing on the National Register. The apartments were designated Demolition Delay in 1995.

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