Daniel Hightower Store – First

Daniel Hightower built this grocery store adjacent to his house at 3429 E. First Street in 1913. Hightower worked as a gardener and truck farmer; he probably sold his own produce from the store. In 1923, the grocery store was operated by Robert McCall, Jr., son of Robert McCall, Sr. who lived next door to the Hightowers at 3413 E. First Street. Hightower and McCall platted this area in 1923. George Roster operated the store from 1927 to 1932 when Hightower again took over the store’s operation. Hightower operated the store until 1942. This one-story wood frame building has its original false bevel drop siding on the sides, but the main facade is now faced with plywood and board and batten siding. A shingled addition to the east and the front porch are the result of later remodelings. The stepped false front parapet of the main facade appears to be original.

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