Dunlap House – Highway 80

Probably constructed as an L-plan, subsequent early additions transformed this frame house into a cruciform plan. The south, front elevation has a three- sided bay below a gable end with variegated shingles and delicate, jigsawn brackets. The one-story house, clad in channel-rustic siding, is in deteriorating condition. The house was originally the owned by James F. and S. Callie Dunlap, who first bought ranch property in the area in 1893. An 1895 map shows J.E Dunlap’s house at this location and the residence of TA. Dunlap, who also owned large tracts of land in the area, to the southeast. Part of the Gillis Johnson estate since 1934 (10201 Highway 80 West), the house served as a residence for the ranch foreman during the 1940s and 1950s. Pending further historical research, the house may qualify for the National Register.

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