Mandeville Grocery/ Bunker Grocery Co. – Clinton

The first listed commercial use of the property was in 1911, when Edwin Mandeville operated a grocery here. Several groceries and a soft drink purveyor followed, succeeded in 1930 by Alexander Bunker, who ran the Bunker Grocery Co. The second floor was rented as apartments from 1930 on; Bunker resided in one of them. Bunker also owned several rental properties nearby (NN-18). The large, two-story frame building is of an almost square plan under a pyramidal roof. A one-story, shed-roofed porch shades the east side, while a two-story gallery shades the south elevation. Operated as a cafe and liquor store until recently, the structure is presently vacant. Pending further research and restoration, the structure may be eligible for the National Register.

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