Perkins Barber Shop/ Grocery/ Lillard’s Service Station – 21st

This row of two shops and a gas station, all of inexpensive frame construction with asbestos siding, is typical of the simple, ephemeral folk buildings erected to serve immediate neighborhood needs. The small structure on the east, with a stepped parapet was William Perkins’ barber shop between 1932and 1940; it was operated more recently as Jean’s Place, a lunch counter. The central, larger building, with a shed-roofed porch, housed a confectionery shop and a grocery during the 1930s and 1940s. Snow J. Lillard operated an electrical repair shop here around 1970. Lillard, formerly an employee of Transcontinental Oil Co., had an independent gas station on the corner site from about 1940. The unassuming commercial structures appear abandoned, and are in poor condition.

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