Art Raffle



David Brownlow                                                                                                          Adolf Dehn                                                                                                                          George Grammer
Cathedral                                                                                                                         Three Indian Ladies                                                                                                            White Bouquet
oil on canvas                                                                                                                  lithograph                                                                                                                              oil on canvas
24″ x 17″                                                                                                                         27.75″ x 23″                                                                                                                            42.25″ x 30.25″


Only 100 tickets will be sold for 3 chances to win.

$150 per ticket

Drawing will be held Friday, November 13, 2020 at noon.

Watch our Facebook page to see the live drawing of the raffle winners.

Winners will be contacted and posted on this page after the drawing.

Friday, the 13th might be your lucky day!

Artwork will be on display and raffle tickets on sale at Carter Bowden Antiques through November 11, 2020.

4704 Bryce Avenue

Framing of the artworks generously donated by Dow Art Galleries, LLC.

To purchase your raffle ticket, call Suzy Coleman at 817-336-2344 ext 100,
or visit Carter Bowden Antiques.


  • May I purchase more than one ticket?  Yes!  Purchase as many as you want.
  • If I purchase multiple tickets, am I eligible to win multiple prizes?  No.  Prizes are limited to 1 per person; however, odds of winning a prize increase when multiple tickets are purchased.
  • Can I buy my ticket online?  No, according to Texas raffle law, tickets may not be sold “statewide” which is interpreted to include the internet.  Call Suzy Coleman at 817-336-2344 ext. 100 to purchase your ticket, or visit Carter Bowden Antiques, 4704 Bryce Avenue.
  • How will my ticket be entered?  The portion of the raffle ticket that contains the buyer contact info will be filled out and placed in the raffle box by HFW staff.  The stub will then be mailed to the buyer.
  • How will I know if I won?  The drawing will be held live on our Facebook page at noon, November 13, 2020.  We will make every attempt to contact the winners using the phone number and email address provided to us.  We will also post the winners’ names on this page after the drawing.
  • How will I know which artwork I have won?  Before each of the 3 drawings, HFW will announce the artwork to be awarded.  That information will also be included in the posting of the winners.
  • Where do I pick up the artwork if I win?  Winners should contact Suzy Coleman, 817-336-2344 ext 100, to arrange a time to pickup their artwork at McFarland House, 1110 Penn Street.
  • Is the purchase price of my ticket considered a charitable donation?  No.  The Internal Revenue Service has ruled that no part of the price of a raffle ticket is deductible as a charitable contribution for income tax purposes.

The fine print:

  • HFW staff and members of the Board of Directors are eligible to win if they purchase a ticket.
  • The prize must be claimed and picked up at the Historic Fort Worth, Inc. headquarters, 1110 Penn Street, Fort Worth, TX  76102 by December 4, 2020.  If not picked up, or arrangements for pick up have not been made by December 4, 2020, the winner shall be deemed to have not accepted the prize, and Historic Fort Worth, Inc. may dispose of the prize at its discretion.
  • A prize is not subject to exchange or redemption.
  • Tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable.
  • Historic Fort Worth, Inc. does not make any representations or warranties about the prize or its condition.
  • Historic Fort Worth, Inc. may cancel this raffle at any time without notice and its only liability in such event is to refund the purchase price of the ticket.
  • The fair market value of any prize claimed by a winner is subject to income tax and the prize is subject to being reported to the Internal Revenue Service.
  • The Internal Revenue Service has ruled that no part of the price of a raffle ticket is deductible as a charitable contribution for income tax purposes.