2124 Weatherbee ST – Weatherbee

This Craftsman-style home includes a wide porch framed by solid brick columns at each end and half-brick piers and battered wood columns at center as well as distinguishing the setback of the main house at right. The front gable roof sports a large vent and knee brackets, half-timber work accenting the stucco and recessed panels … Read more

Mitchell-Stuart House – Avenue D

This large, two story brick bungalow has a projecting gabled front and side porch. The house has an unusual composition of three overlapping jerkinhead gables with exposed rafters, and a substantial side porte cochere. According to city directory records, Isaac H. Mitchell, an oil driller, lived in this house in 1921. Mitchell sold the house … Read more

Hewatt House – Avenue B

This one and one-half story wood frame, rectangular plan house has a gable roof above a full shed-roofed front porch supported by Tuscan columns. Gabled bays on the east and west elevations intersect the front gable. According to tax records, the house was built about 1907 for Susie I. Hewatt, widow of John Hewatt. Mrs. … Read more

S.S. Dillow House –

In 1908, S.S. Dillow purchased the lot for his house at 3216 E. Rosedale; construction was complete in 1912. Dillow owned Polytechnic’s first business, a grocery store at 3200 E. Rosedale which he started in 1892 subsequent to founding of Polytechnic College (now Texas Wesleyan College – TWU). Dillow also was president of the First … Read more

Wren House – Virginia

Tax records are unclear about the date of this bungalow. The Bungalow style is one which was popular in the 1920s, and it is possible that the house underwent extensive remodeling soon after Frank J. Wren purchased the property in 1922. Wren, a prominent Fort Worth lawyer, and his family occupied the house until 1947. … Read more

Jackson House – Tulsa

Stonewall Jackson, proprietor of the Stonewall Jackson Lumber Co., and his wife, Florence, contracted with J. H. Walker to construct their Tulsa Way house in 1925. Well suited to its spacious comer site, the bungalow features a number of spreading cross gables which form a deep porch along both street elevations. Walls and battered porch … Read more

Davis House – Tremont

Albert A. and Nature Davis hired contractor W. H. Lucas to construct their large dwelling and a servants’ house and garage in 1931. Davis was a carpenter in the 1920s, but by 1940 he described himself as a broker. This classic, Bungalow style house incorporates a spreading, cross-gabled roof which forms deep porches along the … Read more

Valentine House – Thomas

Distinctive elements of this weather boarded bungalow include the cross-gabled roof with deep eaves and the rubble stone construction of the porch piers and chimney. Builder R. H. Thompson constructed the· Craftsman style home for Ira T. Valentine, an attorney with Slay, Simon, Smith and Morris, and his wife, Ella, for $5,295.

Deats Duplex House – Lisbon

This simple, wood-frame bungalow duplex has served as a rental and owner-occupied residence primarily for workings in the Texas and Pacific Lancaster Railroad Yards. George W. Deats, who had been a master mechanic for Texas & Pacific Railroad, purchased the site in 1928, the year that the Lancaster Railroad Yards (South of 3900 block of … Read more

Walton House – Hillcrest

C. Harry Walton, a partner in the insurance firm of Mitchell, Gartner & Walton, purchased this Hillcrest property in late 1924, and resided here with his wife, Lotta P., the following year. The one-story bungalow, of generally rectangular plan, has a stucco exterior. The jerkinhead gabled roof is complemented by an offset, jerkinhead portico; the … Read more