Berry-Webber House – Adams

This was the first residence built in a subdivision named Swastika Place, opened in 1907 by D. T. Bomar and John W. Broad. In its accentuated brackets and other wood detailing, it shows the influence of Craftsman Style houses from the West Coast where Broad lived from 1896 to 1906. The first owner was George … Read more

Apartment Building – May

Built during the booming 1920s when the demand for apartments was high, this two-story red brick example has a low-pitched hipped roof with a centered hipped attic dormer vent. The building was constructed in a mix of Colonial Revival and Bungalow styles. The Colonial Revival style is revealed through the symmetrically composed façade; the Bungalow … Read more

Munchus House – Terrell

The Munchus House is a two-story wood-framed resdence clad in narrow siding, rectangular in plan with gabled roof. A shed-roofed porch extends across the front, becoming a gabled porte-cochere to the west, supported by clusters of wood posts on high brick piers; gables are set over the entry and driveway. Applied half-timbering in the gables, … Read more

Nash House – 8th

The Nash House is a large two and one-half story structure, rectangular in plan, faced in partially glazed dark red and blue brick. A bracketed hipped roof with accentuated eave caps the house, broken by flush gabled dormers on the front and sides. A full porch with cast stone Tuscan columns extends across the front. … Read more