Hicks House – Harrison

A sophisticated Prairie Style house with a high central block and low symmetrical dependencies that project forward like small pavilions. Windows are grouped into over-scaled, abstract grids. The brick walls have been painted and the columns of the porte-cochere replaced. The first recorded owner was Harry Hicks, president of the King Midas Oil and Gas … Read more

McCauley House – Hawthorne

The McCauley House is two stories with a clipped gabled roof and a forward projecting entry wing whose gabled roof extends eccentrically almost to ground level. The red brick walls are pimpled with rocks and large clinkers. Built in 1931 by contractor J. D. Pope as a speculative property for B. K. Webb, the house … Read more

Carnes Court Apartments – Hemphill

The Carnes Court Apartments consists of two mirror-image buildings flanking a central lawned court. Each building has an elongated L-plan, with polychrome brick walls and interlocking hipped roofs. Garage stalls are at the rear. The complex was designed by Van Slyke & Woodruff and built c. 1918. Alva R. Carnes, a traveling salesman who occupied … Read more

Trinity Park Shelter – 7th

The river bank land on which Trinity Park now lies was used in the late nineteenth century by the public as unofficial picnic grounds by permission of the owner, Major K. M. VanZandt. The city purchased a total of 217 acres here in eight parcels between 1892 and 1928 to form Fort Worth’s first public … Read more

Municipal Rose Gardens – Botanic Gardens

Following the recommendations of the 1907 Kessler plan for public park development, the City of Fort Worth purchased in 1912-13 the swampy area south of Trinity Park now covered by the Botanic Garden. Improvements were delayed until well after the issuance of a $300,000 bond in 1925 to develop a plan for parks; Hare and … Read more