Bill Johnson’s Professional Pharmacy – 5th

  This small commercial building with canted glass walls and sloping roof with undulating eaves was used originally as a pharmacy. It is now vacant and in the path of expanding Harris Hospital. Although of recent vintage, this building was included in the survey as an excellent example of pop modernism. This resource was demolished … Read more

Chateau De Ville Apartments – 8th

During the 1950s, the residential district surrounding 8th Avenue, Summit and Pennsylvania began to give way to buildings associated with the expanding medical district. This apartment complex is composed of seven two-story brick buildings that encompass up almost the entire block with the exception of the property facing Pennsylvania Avenue. The Chateau De Ville Apartments … Read more

Clinic – 8th

In 1952, Dr. E. Samuel Cunningham had a clinic constructed at 921 8th Avenue, continuing the trend of replacing residential structures with medical-related facilities around the hospital district. City directories indicate that he initially had a solo medical practice at this location. In 1954, he purchased the adjacent lot to the north. By 1958 he … Read more

Lustron House – Marks

Intended as a solution to the nation’s housing problem in the immediate postwar period, the Lustron house was the product of Carl Standlund’s Lustron Corporation which received Reconstruction Finance Corporation funding to manufacture a mass produced, factory built house. With a steel framework entirely clad in two-foot square, porcelain-enameled panels, the new, lustrous look seems … Read more

7613 Mary’s Creek DR – Mary’s Creek

Located on the banks of Mary’s Creek, these two identical houses of rectangular plan have gable roofs which cover full, front porches supported by plain posts. The houses are clad in narrow milled wood siding and each has a single, off-center entry. Research has not turned up a conclusive history of the site, although it … Read more