Harrison-Shannon House – Elizabeth

The Harrison-Shannon House is two stories with a generally rectangular plan and low-pitched hipped roof, clad in stucco and brick. Full porch supported by large square posts. It has banded casement windows with transoms. Ornamental glazed tile is inlaid at the tops of the posts and banded as a frieze at the eave level. The … Read more

S.S. Dillow House –

In 1908, S.S. Dillow purchased the lot for his house at 3216 E. Rosedale; construction was complete in 1912. Dillow owned Polytechnic’s first business, a grocery store at 3200 E. Rosedale which he started in 1892 subsequent to founding of Polytechnic College (now Texas Wesleyan College – TWU). Dillow also was president of the First … Read more

Neal-Gorman House – Pershing

W. P. Neal recorded a mechanic’s lien for a dwelling house on this property in 1922, the day after Mrs. Maude Neal, widow of Edgar Neal, had purchased the property. Jessie J. and Maude Neal Gorman resided in the house from about 1923; Gorman was employed by the Southwestern Land Co. The large, two-story frame … Read more

Beyette-Ballard House – Hillcrest

Construction of this house for C. K. Beyette began in 1912 by C. R., W. C., and J. M. Payne, contractors. In1913, J. J. Ballard, a leader in the ice manufacturing industry, purchased the house and completed it. The two-story Prairie style house is clad in polychrome brick veneer. A one-story porch wraps around the … Read more

Gaynor Duplex Apartments – El Campo

This row of three duplex apartments is first listed in the 1925 City Directory. Hazel Call Gaynor purchased all six adjoining lots in 1923 from Robert McCart, a large West Side landowner. Gaynor’s husband, Carlton S. Gaynor, was a partner of the contracting firm Veazie and Gaynor. The two-story duplex boxes are of wood-frame construction … Read more

Tipton House – Clarke

Eugene and Emily Tipton, early landowners in the Hi Mount area, are first listed as residing in this house in 1914. Tipton was a clerk for the Railway Mail Service. The two-story, wood- framed Prairiesque house is a square, hipped block in plan; a one-story full porch supported by piers of rusticated concrete block shades … Read more

Harding-Reynolds House – Sunset

149 1605 Sunset Terrace [NR*], Harding-Reynolds House, 1908; 1940. Cattleman William D. Reynolds had this house built in 1908 as a wedding gift for his daughter Merle and her husband R. Ellison Harding. During the time he lived in the house, Harding was an assistant cashier and later vice-president of Fort Worth National Bank. He … Read more

Cobb-Burney House – Sunset

148 1598 Sunset Terrace [RTHL/NR], Cobb-Burney House, 1904; 1956. A striking Prairie Style residence that is well integrated with its hillside site, this house was built in 1904 for Emma and Lyman D. Cobb. Cobb was the president of the W.C. Belcher Land Mortgage Co. Mrs. Cobb lived here following her husband’s death, but sold … Read more

Albertina Monnig House – Berkeley

This two-story house was built c. 1923 for the widow of Otto F. Monnig, co-founder of a well-known Fort Worth department store. The builder was W. C. Mobley. It is a typical builder’s version of a vaguely Prairie Style residence.

Roseland Apartments – Leuda

Located in an older prestigious residential neighborhood, this two-story brick apartment building fits gracefully onto its site. It was built c. 1924 for Mrs. Irene G. Barrow, and known as the Roseland Apartments in the late 1920s and 1930s. The building has particularly fine casement windows with delicate mullions. Correction: Mrs. Barrow was the second … Read more