James W. Swayne House – 1319 Ballinger Street

1319 Ballinger Street [BSHD], JamesW Swayne House, c.1899-1900; c.1954; 1973-75.  This house was built about 1899-1900 for James W. Swayne, an attorney and judge of the Seventeenth Judicial District Court.  He lived here until 1912.  A succession of prominent Fort Worth residents including Edmund M. Schenecker, John S. Pool, W.P. Bomar, Frank A. Bailey, W. … Read more

Adam J. Jackson House – 1515 Peach Street

1515 Peach Street, Adam J. Jackson House, c. 1895.  This L-plan cottage with Queen Anne detailing was built by Adam J. Jackson, night yardmaster with the Rock Island Railway, about 1895.  Jackson’s widow lived here through the 1920s, and the family owned the property until 1947.  At the time of the 1981 Central Business District … Read more

Ball-Eddleman McFarland House – 1110 Penn Street

1110 Penn Street [NR/RTHL/CFW], Ball-Eddleman McFarland House, 1899; 1980-91.  One of only a handful of surviving nineteenth-century Victorian homes in Fort Worth, this impressive bluff top residence is located in an area known as Quality Hill.  At the turn-of-the-century it was home to many of Fort Worth’s cattlemen, bankers, and professional people.  Designed by Howard … Read more

Garvey/Viehl/Kelley House – Samuels

This impressive Queen Anne house was built for Lulu Foster Garvey and her husband William B. Garvey. Mrs. Garvey was the daughter of Isaac Foster and the granddaughter of Baldwin L. Samuel. Mary and Isaac Foster deeded the land on which this house stands to the Garveys in 1883. Mr. Garvey was a grocer who … Read more

Farmer House – 24th

James D. Farmer served from 1902 to 1904 as the first mayor of North Fort Worth. From rural Tarrant County, he went into the livestock commission business and organized the Fort Worth Live Stock Commission Co. Farmer also was instrumental in uniting North Fort Worth with Fort Worth. Farmer and his wife, Martha, were listed … Read more

2925 E First ST – First

Charles A. Byars pur¬chased this lot in 1902 from the Drumm Seed and Floral Co. for whom he worked as a nursery foreman. Byars had this house built in 1904 with lumber and materials pur¬chased from William Cameron & Co., Inc. This one-story Queen Anne style house is unaltered, except for the pink asbestos shingles … Read more

3014 E Fourth ST – Fourth

According to tax records, this house was constructed about 1895, making it one of the earliest residences in the Riverside area. It is an unusual, large two-story house clad in horizontal siding on the first floor and fish-scale shingles on the second. The house has a steeply pitched gable roof with half-timbering in the gable. … Read more

Moore House and Barn – Chapin

This farm complex, set far south of Chapin Road, is comprised of a large, wood frame house, a barn and a water tower. The Queen Anne style farmhouse, of cruciform plan, has a pyramidal roof with cross gables over three-sided bays. Shed-roofed entry porches flank the front, north bay. The one and one-half story house, … Read more