Fort Worth Lodge No. 2144 Grand United Order of Odd Fellows – 415 E. Sixth Street (612 Grove Street)

415 E. Sixth Street (612 Grove Street) [NR*/CFO (NR)], Fort Worth Lodge No. 2144 Grand United Order of Odd Fellows, 1926; early 1950s; 1981-82.  Fort worth Lodge No. 2144 of the Grand United Order of Odd Fellows, an African-American fraternal organization, built this hall in 1926.  The Lodge, organized in 1880, had a strong presence in the community during the first decades of the twentieth century.  As with many other such organizations, the ground floor was leased to provide income, and Lodge meeting and office space was located on the second floors.  Lodge membership declined during the Depression, and the organization disbanded in 1934.  He purchased the building in 1948 and maintained offices here until his death in 1972.  In 1981 the building was sold to a public relations firm, PR Texas.

The two-story brick building originally had three storefronts on the main floor.  A cast stone freize between the roof line and the second floor windows is inscribed “Fort Worth Lodge No. 2144” and a projecting parapet at the center of the roof line has a cast stone emblem of three links and a chain.  Intended to be viewed from its southern and eastern facades, these walls have decorative brick work not present on the back of the building.  In the early 1950s a portion of the ground floor facade was altered.  Windows and doors were removed, and the wall was stuccoed.  A 1981-82 renovation by Cauble Hoskins Architects and Dell May, Inc. construction company restored the facade and adapted the interior of the structure for office use.  The Odd Fellows Lodge is potentially eligible for the National Register for its role in Fort Worth’s African-American community and is also a contributor to the proposed Central Business District Club and Fraternal Organizations National Register Thematic Group.  The building received an official Texas Historic Marker in 1984.