Board of Directors & Staff


Cara Kennemer, Chairman
Randi Thistlethwaite, Secretary
Henry Borbolla, Treasurer
John Roberts, AIA, Past Chairman

Board of Directors
Francie Allen
Alyssa Banta
Susanna Bartolomei
Art Brender
David Burshears
Earl Cox
Malinda Crumley
Jaynie Cumming
Martin W. Dahl
Karen Holcomb
Kathryn Holiday, PhD.
Gail Landreth
Lauri Lawrence
Joseph R. Maly
Mae Maly
Rick Maxey
Pati Meadows
Susie Martinez Mitchell
Lezlie Monteleone
Will Northern
Jacqueline Piland
Gaye Reed
Holly Schur
Cecil F. Smith, AIA
Jody K. Smith
Melanie Smith
Britt Stokes
Adair Taulbee
Scott Turner
Whitney Womack
Anne Wright

George L. Bristol
Judith Singer Cohen
Susan Cook
Brent Hull
Marty Leonard
Brenda McClurkin
Rosalyn G. Rosenthal
Pat Schutts
John Lewis Tandy
Estrus Tucker
Com. Elliott K. Wright


Jerre Tracy, Executive Director

Rhonda Stephens, Business Manager

Cassy Lozuk, Graphic Designer

Lesli Whitaker, Hospitality Director

Suzy Coleman, Special Events Coordinator

Michael Allen, Thistle Hill Manager

Chris Campbell, PRC Coordinator

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