Saved Buildings

HFW finds a future for threatened buildings through stewardship, education, and leadership. Occasionally HFW relies on ownership to rescue a building. Since 1969, HFW has owned seven buildings and played a key role in the restoration of one hotel.

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  • In 1971, HFW purchased, landmarked, and sold the 1900 Pollock-Capps House at 1120 Penn Street.
  • In 1971, HFW purchased, landmarked, and sold the 1898 Benton House at 1730 6th Avenue.
  • In 1984, HFW accepted the gift of the 1899 McFarland House at 1110 Penn Street and leased it to the donor until the donor moved into a larger building in 2004.
  • In 1997, HFW accepted a façade easement for the 1929 Blackstone Hotel at 601 Main Street, which assisted in the funding of the project and gave HFW the perpetual right to inspect the maintenance standard of the building.
  • In 1998, HFW purchased the 1953 Yates-Ottman Building at 1020 Summit Avenue for its first headquarters. HFW landmarked it in 2008 and officed there until 2004.
  • In 2002, HFW accepted the gift of the 1907 Gunhild-Weber House at 1404 South Adams Street in the Fairmount Historic District. Structural improvements were made, and the house was sold.
  • In 2017, HFW accepted the gift of the 1903 Talbott-Wall House and relocated it from 915 Samuels Avenue to 1101 Samuels Avenue. The house was landmarked and sold.
  • In 2006, HFW accepted as a gift the 1904 Wharton-Scott House, also known as Thistle Hill, a triple-landmarked historic property. HFW completed several critical restoration projects and secured a protective, perpetual easement that is held by the Texas Historical Commission. In 2022, HFW gifted Thistle Hill to Cook Children’s.

(Researched from the HFW archives.)

HFW not only saved these historical sites but also contributed to the growth of the tax base. Here’s an overview of the current assessed value of these properties.

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