Stockyards Historic Resource Survey

In August 2015, Historic Fort Worth, Inc. hired Architectural Historian Kip Wright to conduct an intensive-level architectural and historical survey of the Fort Worth Stockyards. Steps to complete the project included:

  1. Identifying the project survey area, in coordination with Historic Fort Worth staff
  2. Consulting previous survey work, including the 1975 nomination of the Fort Worth Stockyards to the National Register of Historic Places and the 1988 Tarrant County Historic Resources Survey
  3. Photographing and completing a survey form for all properties within the survey area
  4. Delineating a historic district boundary
  5. Conducting archival research
  6. Publishing of the survey report

The survey was completed in November 2015 and documented 98 properties. The boundary of the proposed Fort Worth Stock Yards Historic District contains 88 of these properties. Of the buildings in the district, 69 are considered historic properties contributing to the district, and 19 buildings were identified as non-contributing. Included in the 69 contributing buildings are 47 historic properties that were previously documented in the Tarrant County Historic Resources Survey. Several additional buildings have been included in the new, proposed boundary because these buildings were not old enough to be included in the National Register Historic District in 1975. In 1975 only buildings built in 1925 or earlier were included. The new historic district includes buildings built after 1925.

It is important to note that extant buildings located in the industrial area of the Swift Plant are not included in this building count but are included in the proposed historic district boundary. Access to the Swift buildings for survey documentation has yet to be granted by the current property owners.

The final draft of the Stockyards Historic Resources Survey can be found here.

Funding for the survey was provided by:


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