2010 Endangered Places

Designation Key:  (Designations are a function of governmental entities)

  • NR : Listed in the National Register of Historic Places, National Park Service
  • RTHL : Recorded Texas Historic Landmark, State of Texas
  • SAL : State Archaeological Landmark, State of Texas
  • DD : Demolition Delay for up to 180 days
  • H&C : Historic & Cultural Landmark, City of Fort Worth
  • HSE : Highly Significant & Endangered, City of Fort Worth
  • Yellow : Yellow indicates that the resource was saved or designated.
  • Blue : Blue indicates a deal is in the works that HFW believes has potential.
  • Red : Red indicates that the property was demolished.
  • Green : For repetitive listings
  • ** The owner asked for and received advice from HFW

2010 Endangered Places (pdf version)

  • Bluffs above the Trinity River, Area defined by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Eligible as a Traditional Cultural Property (link below). Concurrence by the Texas Historical Commission.
  • Farrington Field, 3rd 1501 N. University, 1938-39
  • Fort Worth Power & Light Co. /TXU Plant 5th 100-300 Blocks of North Main Street, 1912-15
    Smokestacks demolished in 2005.
  • Hazel Harvey Peace House, 1103 E. Terrell Avenue, 1922 (H&C)
  • Residence at 760 Samuels Avenue, late 19th-Century Getzendanner House
  • Single-screen theaters, 5th, TCU Theater c. 1948, 3055 S. Univ. Dr., demolished, 9-23-06; Ridglea Theater c. 1950 designated a local landmark in 2011 and included in the National Register in 2011 restored in 2012. Available: Azle, Belknap, White/Berry, New Isis (c. 1935 and on the National Register), Poly, etc.
  • Texas and Pacific Warehouse 5th, 401 W. Lancaster Ave, 1930-31(NR, RTHL, HSE)

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