FWISD and PTA Leadership- Great Stewart Awards

FWISD and PTA leadership (Margaret Johnson, Debra Nyul & Shanna Hazzard) for the window restoration project at Lily B. Clayton Elementary School, 1922 and 1936.

Designed by Wiley G. Clarkson and built in 1922 with an addition in 1936 by Preston M. Geren, both phases of Lily B. Clayton School were built by Harry B. Friedman. Lily B. is a rare city of Fort Worth-designated school and is in the National Register of Historic Places. After 80 years of wear, the school’s rolled steel and wood windows were badly deteriorated causing interior water leakage. FWISD appointed the architectural firm of Hahnfeld Hoffer Stanford to oversee the bidding process, Fort Construction performed the work, and abatement was managed by Intercon Environmental, Inc. The completed project accomplished:

The restoration of 77 steel windows, and 56 wooden windows
The restoration of wood transoms with accompanying doors
And two more wood transoms plus
The installation of 3 new steel doors

HFW 2017 Cantey Lecture & Preservation Awards photographed Thursday, September 21, 2017 at The Fort Worth Community Arts Center.
Dr. Stephanie Hughes, Joseph Murphey, and Hilda Caballero. Photography by Bruce E. Maxwell.

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