S.S. Dillow House –

In 1908, S.S. Dillow purchased the lot for his house at 3216 E. Rosedale; construction was complete in 1912. Dillow owned Polytechnic’s first business, a grocery store at 3200 E. Rosedale which he started in 1892 subsequent to founding of Polytechnic College (now Texas Wesleyan College – TWU). Dillow also was president of the First … Read more

Hargrave-Meissner House – Avenue B

Edward Hargrave,a salesman , and his wife were the first owners of this house which was constructed about 1910. George and Edith Meissener purchased the house in 1919 for $5,000, and it remained in the Meissner family until the late 1980’s. Mr. Meissner was a clerk with the Railway Mail Service. This two-story Tudor house … Read more

Hewatt House – Avenue B

This one and one-half story wood frame, rectangular plan house has a gable roof above a full shed-roofed front porch supported by Tuscan columns. Gabled bays on the east and west elevations intersect the front gable. According to tax records, the house was built about 1907 for Susie I. Hewatt, widow of John Hewatt. Mrs. … Read more

Boon House – Avenue D

This one and one-half story wood frame house is composed of a central hipped block with a front gabled bay. A three-quarters recessed porch supported by three Tuscan columns runs along the front of the house. According to mechanic’s lien records, John D. Boon built the house for himself in 1908. Boon, purchased the site … Read more

2800 Avenue D – Avenue D

According to tax records, the house at 2800 Avenue D was built about 1910, and undoubtedly the carriage house dates from the same year. The carriage house is an unusual surviving example of this building type. This one and one-half story wood from building is clad in vertical board and batten siding. The cross gable … Read more

Mitchell-Stuart House – Avenue D

This large, two story brick bungalow has a projecting gabled front and side porch. The house has an unusual composition of three overlapping jerkinhead gables with exposed rafters, and a substantial side porte cochere. According to city directory records, Isaac H. Mitchell, an oil driller, lived in this house in 1921. Mitchell sold the house … Read more

Hollis House – Avenue E

This house was built in 1907 by Joseph H. Edwards of the Polytechnic Heights Investment Company. Marlin T. Hollis, a manufacturer of salve and liniment, bought the house in 1907. Hollis’ son, Paul, was the inventory of Poly Pop, a popular candy and drink mix. Paul acquired the house in 1938 and owned it as … Read more

Gray House – Avenue E

According o tax records, this house was build about 1912. The 1912 city directory lists the first owner as James J. Gray, a watchman for the Texas and Pacific Railroad. Clara Bowen purchased the house in 1939 and owned it until 1959. This is a fine, intact example of a common folk house type-a one … Read more

Newberry House – Avenue E

2815-2819 Avenue E is a one-story rectangular house with a hip roof and full recessed front porch supported by tapered Tuscan columns on brick bases. The house has two front entrances each with separate entry stairs. John S. Newberry, call man and head janitor at the Texas and Pacific Railroad passenger station, built the houses … Read more