Preservation is the Art of the City Art Show

SEPTEMBER 5-7, 2024

For 21 years Historic Fort Worth, Inc. has hosted an art fundraiser named Preservation is the Art of the City (PAC) that showcases the vibrant art scene and local talent in Fort Worth and the surrounding area.  The purpose of this art show and sale is to generate operating funds for HFW, a charity that is dedicated to saving Fort Worth’s unique historic identity.  Additionally, Preservation is the Art of the City establishes a marketplace for studio artists to sell their artworks and earn a living.

The event spans several days, allowing the public to connect with Fort Worth artists and their works.  The opening Party with the Artists will be held on Thursday, September 5; and will be followed by Gallery Night on September 7.  Gallery Night, a program of the Fort Worth Art Dealers’ Association, connects the artists in HFW’s show to art lovers throughout the city.  Both HFW’s Party with the Artists and Gallery Night create an immersive art experience for the attendees. By featuring a variety of art styles and mediums, Preservation is the Art of the City highlights the talent and creativity of the local artistic community.  In the past, HFW’s art show has been held in the downtown Fort Worth library, the Fort Worth Community Arts Center, First on 7th, and The Woman’s Club of Fort Worth.

This Year’s Show will be held at

First on 7th

500 W 7th St. • Fort Worth, TX 76102
Free Valet Parking

Join us for: 

Party with the Artist

       Thursday, Sept. 5, at 5:30 p.m.
(First chance to buy art at 6:30.)

Shopping at the Show (Admission is FREE):
Friday, September 6, from 10:00 to 4:00 p.m. 

Gallery Night (Admission is FREE):
Saturday, September 7, from 5:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. 

Be Part of the 

Host Committee

Perks include:

  • Listing in the invitation for the Party with the Artists
  • Listing in the catalogue and website for the Party with the Artists
  • Listing on the presentation board at the Party with the Artists

Deadline June 25, 2024 to have your name printed on the invitation. 

2024 Featured Artist



Born and raised in Russia, she earned her PhD in biology from St Petersburg State University (Russia) and continued her research work at the Russian Academy of Sciences. In 1999, she moved to the United States to pursue neuroscience research at the UT Southwestern Medical Center located in Dallas, TX.

Being a scientist has been very rewarding for her in many aspects, including creativity. However, she felt a compelling need to further express herself by embarking on an artistic journey.

Her artistic experimentation has evolved into a tremendously exciting form, encompassing mixed media collage, fine art photography, and digital art.

The inspiration for her mixed media collages comes from travel photos, postcards, road maps, found and hand-painted papers. These materials, combined with abstract elements of art—color, shape, line, texture—can be transformed into rich and expressive visual statements.

For her, being an artist is a never-ending journey of experimentation, building images from scratch, using colors and shapes to express emotion, and thus creating a communication between the viewer and herself.

Fall bouquet Nosyreva

2024 Honorees


Phillip and Sarah Murrin

Sarah and Philip Murrin live on a ranch in Fort Worth, and are involved in the art and the hospitality business. They are grateful for their Texas roots and to the Faith filled generations who came before them who instilled in them the responsibility of each of us to take care of where we come from. Historic Fort Worth is a vital part of that effort to be good stewards of what makes Fort Worth unique. The annual ‘Preservation is the Art of the City’ event celebrates the gift of creativity in each of us in Fort Worth that helps make our city vibrant and dynamic. In keeping with the celebration of art and creativity and the preservation of knowledge and historic structures, additional organizations Sarah & Philip cherish are Save Venice and The Harry Ransom Center on the campus of UT Austin. The Murrins are thankful to Historic Fort Worth for their ongoing efforts to help us all remember the roots of our city as we grow.  


Steve and Sarah Murrin

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Towne Park

Last Years Preservation is the Art of the City

2023 Preservation is the Art of the City

Mark and Randi Thistlewaite were honored during the annual Party with the Artist event.

Historic Fort Worth, Inc. Honors Thistlewaites at Annual Event

Fort Worth, TX – September 7, 2023

Historic Fort Worth, Inc. recognized Randi and Mark Thistlewaite during the annual Party with the Artist event on September 7th. The couple’s longstanding contributions to art preservation in Fort Worth were celebrated during the “Preservation is the Art of the City” show, coinciding with fall Gallery Night. Dr. Thistlethwaite, Emeritus Professor of Art History at TCU, and Randi, a dedicated member of Historic Fort Worth, Inc., were commended for their impactful roles in fortifying the city’s cultural heritage.

Local Artist Aaron Roe Spotlighted at Historic Fort Worth, Inc.’s Annual Show

Fort Worth, TX – September 2023

The annual “Preservation is the Art of the City” art show in Fort Worth showcased the talent of local artist Aaron Roe this September. A graduate of the University of Texas at Dallas, Roe’s notable exhibitions include appearances at prestigious events like the 2022 and 2021 Preservation is the Art of the City.

Roe’s artistic journey also includes recognition in the Richardson Photography Contest Judges’ Exhibit in 2021 and a virtual exhibit, “Where Everything Gathers,” in 2020 as his Senior Honors Thesis.

With features in publications like “The Art of Found Objects: Interviews with Texas Artists” and upcoming projects like illustrating “December to Remember,” Roe’s impact on Fort Worth’s art scene continues to unfold.

Aaron Roe Heavy Historical Sail

“On a Crutch”, just one of the many works by Artist Aaron Roe on display during the 2023 “Preservation is the Art of the City” art show. 

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