Bachman House – Hamilton

Grover C. and Mary Bachman purchased this property in the new Monticello subdivision in 1931; he was involved in a number of oil and banking enterprises. Contractor Joe Driskell was 85 named in the mechanic’s lien issued the same year. While not named in the building records, Charles E. Armstrong is thought to be the architect. Carl Zane-Cetti a clerk with the Tarrant Construction Co. and son of pioneer Jesse Zane-Cetti purchased the house in 1938. A one and one-half story structure of staggered T-plan, the house is clad in extremely high quality red sandstone veneer. Excellent decorative features include red brick corbeling under the eaves and finely detailed porch and window trim. Recent alterations include the addition of an overscaled dormer window and the use of an inharmonious paint color on the wood trim.

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