Boaz House – Carter

This house was constructed about 1913 by William J. Boaz, a land developer who was also vice president of the Texas Anchor Fence Co., treasurer of the Southern Land Co. and vice president of American National Bank. Boaz had previously resided in Polytechnic and is first listed on Carter Ave. in the 1914 city directory. He died in 1916, but his widow, Marybelle, occupied the house until 1923. Ownership of the house remained in the Boaz family until 1960, but the residence was leased. An unusual enclosed second floor porch with a hipped roof supported by three slender Tuscan columns at the corners tops this one and one-half story house clad in narrow drop siding. The house also has an impressive full front porch supported by Tuscan columns recessed beneath the steeply pitched roof.

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