Camp Worth Memorial – Belknap

Erected by the Mary Isham Keith Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, this bas-relief plaque mounted on a granite boulder was ,iaced to commemorate the founding of Camp Worth on {his site in 1849. In fact, the exact location of Camp Worth been the subject of considerable debate, and the marker might be more accurately described as identifying the approximate site of the army post. The bronze panel, which depicts an ox train leaving the fort, is surrounded by a border of arrows, stars, and bullets, and is signed “J.M. Lore.” Lore was the name then used by Joseph Lorkowsky, a Fort Worth-born sculptor who had studied in New York and was working in Ridgefield, Connecticut. In 1922 Lorkowsky was adopted by a New York woman and took her name. His later work was produced under the name Joseph Lorkowsky Boulton. Limerick & Co. of Baltimore, Maryland is identified on the plaque as the foundry responsible for the casting.

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