Carnrike House – Adams

The Carnrike House is a two-story wood-framed dwelling, generally rectangular in plan, with a hipped roof and central hipped dormer. A full hipped porch extends along the front and south side, supported by brick piers with ornamental wood brackets. All eaves have exposed roof rafters. The walls are clad in narrow wood siding which has been covered with asbestos shingles above the porch. The house was built in 1914 by contractor Richard Dalby for Roscoe L. Carnrike based on a design by Carnrike’s wife. At the time of the house’s construction, Carnrike was a commercial agent for the Mallory Steamship Co. In 1918, he went to work for the Binyon-O’Keefe Fireproof Storage Co., eventually becoming president of the firm. He held managerial positions in several other companies. Carnrike served as the mayor of Fort Worth from 1945-47. His widow sold the house shortly after his death in 1968. The Carnrike House is a contributing resource in the Fairmount-Southside Historic District (local and national).

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