Chateau De Ville Apartments – 8th

During the 1950s, the residential district surrounding 8th Avenue, Summit and Pennsylvania began to give way to buildings associated with the expanding medical district. This apartment complex is composed of seven two-story brick buildings that encompass up almost the entire block with the exception of the property facing Pennsylvania Avenue. The Chateau De Ville Apartments were described as “cabana-type” apartments of a “New Orleans French design,” complete with second story balconies with wrought iron columns, railings and other decorative ornamentation. The apartments catered to healthcare professionals working in the medical district. The project was built by Dick N. Richards Construction Company of Dallas. Richards and Samuel L. Hutcheson, also of Dallas, were the developers. Upon the attainment of 50 years of age, the complex may be eligible for the National Register of Historic Places as an example of mid-20th century apartment construction.

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