Edelbrock Commercial Building/ Stock Yards Lodge No.1244 – Exchange

This three-story, ochre-orange brick structure features a pressed metal cornice topped by a cast-stone cartouche; below, elaborate brick corbelling embellishes the piers and frieze level. A suspended canopy has been removed, and the transom and shop windows have been altered. F. Edelbrock is the first known owner of the building. Early tenants included Magnolia Furniture Co., Mrs. Idalia Brown’s Boarding House, and a dry goods store; during the 1930s, the Stockman’s Hotel occupied the upper floors. The Stock Yards Lodge No. 1224, relocating their Masonic Hall from a structure on N. Main Street (NN-l81), purchased the building in 1935 and altered the third floor for their use. Kimmons Furniture Co. occupied the lower levels during this time. The Masons moved their lodge to a new location in 1956. The structure is included in the Fort Worth Stockyards National Register Historic District.

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