Fort Worth Stock Yards Co. Commercial Building/ Stock Yards National Bank – Exchange

The Fort Worth Stock Yards Co. contracted with the Topeka Bridge and Land Co. in 1910 to construct two buildings on the recently completed Marine Creek Bridge. This two-store commercial building features a diagonal corner entrance topped by a semicircular transom window; four similar arched windows continue along the E. Exchange Avenue elevation. Missionesque parapets alternate with Mission-tiled shed roofs. The Stock Yards National Bank was located in the east half of the building until 1933, while the west half housed the Palace Drug Co., a billiard hall, and a shoe store. By 1920 the west half of the building housed a men’s clothing store; since that time, a number of clothing and dry goods stores have occupied the premises. Many of these have been named “White Front Store,” referring to the white stucco exterior. Today, many of the ground floor windows are boarded up and a rustic “Western” canopy shades the building, changes which were effected in the 1950s. This structure and its companion building across the street presented a unified image at the gateway to the stockyards. The structure lies within the Fort Worth Stockyards National Register Historic District.

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