Googins Commercial Block – Main

Joseph B. Googins, vice-president of North Fort Worth Townsite Co. and a prominent North Side developer and businessman, acquired the entire block at the southwest corner of the intersection of N. Main and NW. 20th Streets in 1906; the property remained in his wife’s estate until 1980. The first tenants, in 1912-13, iñcluded an electrician, barber, tailor, milliner and sewing machine shop and doctors’ offices and apartments upstairs. A wide variety of trade and service firms have occupied the street-level spaces since that time. Apparently constructed at different times, the prominent building presents two principal facades on its corner site. A tall, parapeted second story rises over shopfronts below. The fme quality brickwork exhibits decorative frieze panels and a cornice containing a blind arcade below the stepped parapet. Cast-stone coping and window sills highlight the structure. The street level storefronts have been altered extensively and the second- story windows boarded up. Future research may identify the architect of this important building.

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