Hall-Windfohr House – Spanish Trail

Secluded by trees and a wall on its private parcel, this house was erected in 1938 for Anne Burnett Hall, Samuel Burk Burnett’s granddaughter, and her husband, James G. Hall, president of Gypsy Oil Co. Mrs. Hall later married Robert F. Windfohz Prominent Houston architect John F. Staub designed the large, two-story residence of irregular, Lplan. An eclectic style, the house is faced in pointed brick, and features delicate ornamental cast iron on the balcony, glazed breezeway, Monterey-style cantilevered porch and in terior. A large guesthouse and caretaker’s house are also lo cated on the grounds. Additions of a large wing, lanai, and pavilion are remembered to have occurred during the 1950s; a second-floor balcony appears to have been recently enclosed.

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