Hi Mount School – Lafayette

Named for the subdivision, Hi Mount School was built by Arlington Heights Independent School District, and annexed by Fort Worth Independent School District in 1922. Architects of the small elementary school were Clarkson and Gaines; Harry B. Friedman was contractor. The school was informally renamed Thomas Place School after North and South Hi Mount Schools (3801 West 7th Street and 4101 Birchman Avenue) were constructed. At various times since the 1940s the structure housed overflow classrooms from other elementary schools, a nursery, storage, and a teachers’ center; it is now a city recitation center. The rectangular block is faced in dark red brick, and originally sported a hipped Mission tile roof. The central entry is topped by a peaked parapet and cast-stone trim; the windows have been bricked in. The structure contributes to the proposed Public Schools National Register Thematic Group.

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