Hinkle-Nichols House – Evans

This one-story wood-framed house is clad in channel rustic siding. In composition, a central gabled wing projects forward from the cross-gabled main section, giving an overall T-plan. A porch supported by lathed posts wraps around the three sides of the front wing. An intricate brace adorns the front gable, consisting of jigsawn, incised and lathed elements. Although the earliest listing for the house is in the 1909-10 city directory, it appears to be older. The house had a succession of occupants until purchased by William Hinkle, a city detective, in 1919. The Hinkles lived here until 1940, finally selling the property in 1950 to the Nichols family, who still reside in the house. The T-plan house is a relatively rare turn-of-the-century type. The house has passed through several owners since the Nichols.

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