Horse and Mule Barns – Exchange

Built by the Fort Worth Stock Yards Co. to complement the Live Stock Exchange building in style, the horse and mule barns were designed by the architectural firm of Klipstein and Rathmann and built by James Stewart and Co., contractors. The barns are constructed of brick, with the E. Exchange Avenue façade sheathed in roughcast tan stucco. The long walls along E. Exchange Avenue are capped by a scalloped, red-tiled cornice over small, regularly spaced windows. Two identical, two-story towers with red tile pyramidal roofs form an imposing entrance to Mule Alley. Along either side of Mule Alley, brick barns with Missionesque parapets extend south approximately 500 feet. Of fireproof construction, the barns were used as horse and mule markets from 1911 on; their capacity was for 3000 animals. A number of horse and mule trading companies occupied offices here from the 1920s through the 1940s. They supplied draft animals during the first and second world wars. The buildings served as exposition barns for the annual Fat Stock Show before it moved to the Will Rogers Memorial Center in 1944. Now used as stabled during rodeo events at the Coliseum, they also function as warehouses and retail space. The barns are within the Fort Worth Stockyards Historic District boundaries.

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