Hunter House – Mount Vernon

Architect Earl Glasgow designed this one-story brick house to resemble Mt. Vernon, George Washington’s home in Virginia. Like Mt. Vernon, the house has a steep gable roof with a full porch recessed beneath the gable slope. Gabled dormers project from the roof behind the wrought iron railing along the porch roof. Paired columns flanking the main entrance support the porch with three columns clustered at the corners. Contractor WC. Harms built the residence to Glasgow’s specifications in 1936 for Joseph L. and Dorothy M. Hunter. Mrs. Hunter, Roy C. Murphy’s (see M-28) daughter, and her husband lived across the street from her parents. Joseph Hunter worked at King Ice Co. and was later a vice-president of North Fort Worth State Bank. The Hunters owned the house until 1950 when they moved to 3223 Mount Vernon Ave.

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