Inman Hotel/ Scott Hotel/ Plaza Hotel/ Winfield’s ’08 – 301 Main Street

301 Main Street, Inman Hotel/Scott Hotel/Plaza Hotel/Winfield’s ’08, 1908; 1981. Built in 1908 by rancher and businessman Winfield Scott and leased to Mrs. Emma Inman, the property was first known as the Inman Hotel.  By 1911 it was called the Scott Hotel, and in 1923 it was renamed the Plaza Hotel, which it remained until 1981.  It is the best remaining example in Fort Worth of a small “cattle-era” hotel built before the boom caused by the discovery of oil. A classically styled building, the Plaza Hotel is constructed of white glazed brick with green and yellow terra cotta detailing.  In 1981 the hotel was rehabilitated as part of the Sundance Square project. The ground floor is now used as Winfield’s ’08, a restaurant, and the two upper stories converted to office space.  The project architect was Thomas E. Woodward & Associates of Dallas, and Thomas S. Byrne, Inc. was the general contractor.

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