Jackson House – Alston

The Jackson House is a large wood-framed residential structure, rectangular in plan, with a flaring hipped roof and full hipped porch. Brick piers framing the central entry support a second-story gabled balcony. The abstract of title for the property indicates that Andrew L. Jackson, an attorney, had a cottage erected on this lot in 1895. However, the tax assessor’s records give a date of 1908, and Jackson’s name does not appear in city directories at this address until 1909-1910. The house appears to date from c. 1908. It served as the Jackson residence until 1926, when it was enlarged to its present proportions for use as a boarding house. The Jackson House was originally located at 425 College Avenue but was moved to this location in the Fairmount-Southside Historic District in 2005 and is considered a contributing resource in the district (national and local). The c. 1926 rear addition was removed because the quality of craftsmanship did not equal the original house. The gabled balcony is to be restored. The house is awaiting further rehabilitation for commercial use. The upper left photograph was taken in 1983 at its original location.

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