James-Fujita House – College

The two and one-half story wood-framed James-Fujita House is rectangular in plan, sheathed in red brick, with a glazed green-tiled gambrel roof. The roof extends to cover a full porch supported by Tuscan columns. An awkwardly over-scaled shed-roofed dormer with recessed balcony is over the porch. Large chimneys are set on each end wall. Built c. 1915 for Thomas B. James, proprietor of the Board of Trade Saloon, the house was purchased c. 1919 by Kanetaro Fujita. Fujita was president of the Gosho Co., Inc., a cotton exporting firm with offices in the Neil P. Anderson Building. By 1935, Fujita had returned to Japan, where, in 1936, he sold the property for $2.00 to the Gosho Corporation. The company retained ownership until May 1942. The house may be eligible for the National Register with elucidation of the role of Fujita and the Gosho Co. in Japan’s pre-war economy. The James-Fujita House was designated a Recorded Texas Historic Landmark in 1986 and Demolition Delay in 1996.

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