Maverick Hotel – Exchange

Built about 1906 on property owned by Z. Boaz, this three-story structure housed the Maverick Hotel; a number of restaurants and saloons occupied the commercial store fronts. Other tenants of the commercial street level during the 1920s through the 1940s included a barber, shoemaker, a liquor store, and bar. Attesting to the continuing vitality of the stockyards district, architect Herman G. Cox and builder Thomas Williams put a new, buff brick veneer with cast-stone trim on the north façade in 1931. Windows on the front elevation were probably replaced at this time as well, although original segmentally arched windows remain on the red brick west side elevation. The ground floor was given a “Western” storefront of rustic wood siding in 1959. A large pressed metal portico facing E. Exchange Avenue is a later addition, as are the window awnings. The structure lies within the Fort Worth Stockyards National Register Historic District.

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