Merchants Exhibits Building/ Frank Kent Motor Co. – Commerce

Constructed about 1921 west of the Coliseum, to house exhibits related to the Southwestern Exposition and Fat Stock Show, this Mission Revival style building was originally used to show poultry, rabbits, and automobiles. In 1937 it was purchased by the City of Fort Worth and renovated for use as a sheep exhibit barn. A portion of the building was originally constructed on top of a bridge crossing Marine Creek. In 1942 a major flood left that portion of the building siructurally unsound and it was demolished, giving the facility its current tapering, triangular form. Frank Kent Motor Co. purchased the building in 1948. Both the N. Main Street and N. Commerce Street facades were ornamented. Of brick covered with stucco, both facades, feature regularly spaced double door entries with fan lights above. Mis-sionesque parapets rise over alternate doors. Renovated in 1986, the structure is within the boundaries of the Fort Worth Stockyards National Register Historic District. 62

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