North Fort Worth Interlocker Tower – Decatur

At a major intersection of the five railroads leading to the Live Stock Exchange, pens, and meatpacking plants stands the North Fort Worth Interlocker Tower. It was undoubtedly part of the 1902 plan of William B. King, who was appointed general manager in charge of organizing rail transportation to the site. At the intersection of the Chicago, Rock Island & Gulf; the Gulf, Colorade, & Santa Fe; the Fort Worth & Denver City; the St. Louis & Southwestern; and the Fort WorthBelt Railway lines, the tower controlled the rail traffic of oncoming livestock and outgoing meat products. Constructed of red brick, the first floor of the tower contains batteries to generate power for the interlocking equipment which is housed on the second floor. A hipped roof with deep eaves supported by curved brackets gives shade to a band of double-hung windows encircling the second floor. An exterior wooden stairway provides access to the second floor, while segmentally arched windows and one door afford light and access to the first floor. The tower still contains its original switching machinery. The Interlocker Tower was demolished in 1988.

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