North Side High School/ Circle Park Elementary School – 21st

Circle Park Elementary School No. 13 was built in 1908. Initially named the North Side High School, it was the second school built by North Fort Worth to accommodate the increase in population brought by the Swift and Armour industrial plants. The school was renamed in 1914. The west facade is all that remains of architect Marion L. Waller’s 1908 design, constructed by Weeks and Busbnell of Arlington, Texas. Of red brick, Tudor Revival stylistic details appear in the cast-stone quoins and blind lancet arches along the parapet and spandrels. Additions were made in 1935 and 1952 by architect Hubert Hammond Crane; Ihese additions generally harmonize with the earlier school building in terms of style, although these are of tan brick. To accommodate air conditioning the classroom ceilings have been lowered and the windows have been partially enclosed. A stone retaining wall and stairs were constructed along the NW. 21st Street property line as part of a W.P. A. landscaping project between 1935 and 1937. The school does not possess sufficient architectural integrity to be included in the proposed Public Schools National Register Thematic Group.

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