Oxsheer House – Pennsylvania

Fountain Goodlet Oxsheer, Sr. (1849-1931) was a prominent cattleman and rancher. A native Texan, he moved to Fort Worth in 1895. He eventually owned at least eleven ranches in West Texas and one in Mexico, totaling nearly one million acres. Oxsheer was a pioneer in the breeding of range cattle; he was among the first cattlemen to buy registered Herefords and shorthorns to breed with Texas longhorns. He was included in the Hall of Cattle Kings of Texas in the 1936 Texas Centennial. In 1916, he commissioned the Fort Worth architectural firm of Wm. Reed & Sons to design his residence; it was built that same year by the firm of Butcher & Sweeney. The two-story brick house has a staggered plan, red tile hipped roof and robustly scaled porch and terrace with cast stone balustrade. It appears to be eligible for the National Register as a work of architecture and as the residence of an individual who played an important role in the cattle industry in Texas. The Oxsheer House serves as an attorney’s office. It received the Demolition Delay designation in 1995.

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