River Crest Country Club Bench Shelders and Walls – Western

River Crest Co. was formed in 1911 to purchase 625 acres east of Trinity River’s West Fork for a new country club site. Reserving 100 acres for club use, the company proceeded to sell the remaining property in estate-sized parcels. A clubhouse, no longer extant, was built in 1911. Club member John W. Broad laid out the eighteen-hole golf course and the roads and utilities the same year. A rustic low stone wall encircling the property and stone bench shelters were probably constructed at this time. The shelters are constructed of rubble limestone in two battered piers supporting a wooden open rafter gable roof. The rubble construction is similar to other structures in the area, such as the River Crest Addition Entrance’ Gates (4700-4800 block Crestline Road) and the Taylor-Roeser House (4736 Crestline Road).

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