Riverside Colored Public School – LaSalle

The Riverside Independent School District built this two-room, brick school in 1911 for the black community in Riverside. During 1906-07, the first year that the Riverside Independent School District was in operation, classes for black students were taught at Corinth Colored Church which provided space under a lease arrangement. Gertie Murchison was the teacher. In April, 1907, the district purchased the site of the extant building and constructed a wood frame building to house classes for black students. The frame building was removed when this brick structure was constructed. The school became part of the Fort Worth Independent School District when Fort Worth annexed the Riverside district in 1923. According to a 1931 survey of Fort Worth schools, the Riverside School accommodated 105 students in grades one through five in two classrooms. A rented room nearby served to accommodate the overflow. The Board of Education recommended expanding the oriinal school, but instead built a new elementary school in 1952 at 901 Baurline. The City named the new school after Versia L. Williams, one of the early principals at the old Riverside School. The school district sold the old Riverside School in 1950, and it has been used as a residence since that date. The rectangular school has four massive piers in contrasting dark brick which frame the central recessed entry and alow pitched hipped roof with wide eaves. A frieze in rough cast stucco runs below the eaves and above a belt course of brick headers. The original 1911 cornerstone is intact and lists “A.S. Wear, President” as well as other members of the Riverside school board.

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